Order Management System (OMS)

Our OMS is a market-leading order management system, fully integrated with major marketplaces in Asia.

Who needs an OMS

Brands or retailers who plan to sell on Asian marketplaces would want to analyse sales data, process orders, allocate virtual inventory, conduct sales reconciliations, send orders to warehouse for shipment, manage the lifecycle of orders and have visibility to all statuses of orders. Our OMS is designed to provide all of these.

OMS overview

Our OMS enables our clients to use either a local inventory in each market or a single inventory for multiple markets to serve orders retrieved from a variety of marketplace stores and mono-brand stores.

One system, all marketplaces

Our OMS retrieves orders, manages order statues and allocates inventory across these marketplaces:

  • TMall / Tmall Global
  • Douyin
  • Lazada
  • Little Red Book
  • Kaola
  • Rakuten
  • Amazon (Japan)
  • Yahoo (Taiwan)
  • Tiki
  • JD.com
  • Tiktok
  • Shopee
  • WeChat
  • Zalora
  • Yahoo (Japan)
  • HKTV Mall
  • Momo
  • Tokopedia (Q1, 2023)

FOM OMS also connects to these mono-brand store platforms to centralize order management tasks:

  • Shopify
  • 91APP
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)
  • Magento
  • Capillary
  • eShopWorld

OMS features

  1. System Integration & Connectivity
  • Standard API for seamless integration with other systems
  • Business reports and intelligence in your mailbox every day
  • Rule-based automatic inventory allocation
  • Allocate orders by preference
  • Financial reconciliation with client’s ERP (customization required)
  1. Data APP on Mobile for Brand Client

Our OMS can interact with business owners through a proprietary mobile app, for them to check their e-commerce store performance and various metrics anytime, anywhere. (User-interface in English is available)

  1. Multi-channel Support in China, Japan & Southeast Asia (SEA)

Our OMS is fully integrated with multiple marketplaces/e-stores in Asia for order management and processing, including Tmall, Lazada, Wechat Mini Program, Shopee, JD.com, Magento, etc. The OMS is enabled to use one inventory to serve multiple channels/marketplaces.

OMS functionalities

Inventory Management

  • Product Bundling

Our inventory control allows you to create and manage bundled products with ease. We automate and centralize inventory management of single and bundled products across multiple channels & warehouses.

  • Automate Stock Levels

When a sale is made on one channel, our inventory management system will automatically adjust stock levels across all the integrated channels to avoid unnecessary stock-outs and overselling.

  • Low Stock Alerts

Set threshold value or safety stock value and get notified when such stock level is reached to prevent overselling.

  • Advanced Inventory allocation

Available inventory is virtually allocated to each channel according to customized logic. Inventory movement is done digitally, and it maximizes sell-through base on pre-set logic

Order Processing

  • Auto-sync of Sales Orders

OMS will consolidate all sales orders from different channels and marketplaces, and put into a centralized system that allows easily manage and instantly fulfilment of orders.

  • Returns & Exchanges Handling
    OMS systematically handles return and exchange order wherever possible, reducing workload of customer service agents, and allow them to track these orders with ease.
  • Order Audit Configuration

OMS allows Base Order (BO) and Base Return (BR) settings with audit conditions. It screens and filters orders that fail audit conditions, then notifies customer service agents to audit then approve/disapprove those orders manually.

  • Advanced Order Allocation

OMS enable brands to allocate their stock with warehouse priority settings. Stock allocation process can be configured based on specific project requirements.

Real-time Analytics Report

  • Customized Report

We customize order and inventory reports on request, according to the requirements of brand.

  • Typical Reports Used By Brands
  • Review monthly sales against forecast
  • Forecast inventory needs
  • Track order status
  • Identify loyal customers
  • Identify best-selling products
  • Measure sales performance by product

Talk to our experts in Asian marketplace connectivity. Send “Tell me about OMS” to FOMenquiry@fungomni.com, and we will reply to you promptly.