Fung Omni Order Management System (FOM OMS) is designed to manage, transport and synchronize e-commerce orders and inventory data.

FOM OMS Features

  1. System Integration & Connectivity
    • Standard API for Seamless Integration
    • Business Reports and Intelligence in Your Mailbox
    • Rule-based Automatic Inventory Allocation
    • Allocate Orders by Preference
2. Data APP on Mobile for Brand Client
    FOM OMS can interact with business owners through a proprietary Fung Omni Mobile App, for them to check their e-commerce store performance and various metrics anytime, anywhere. (English interface is available)
3. Multi-channel Support in China & Southeast Asia (SEA)
    Connectivity: Connected to multiple marketplaces/e-stores in Asia (One inventory serving multiple channels through OMS), including Tmall, Lazada, Wechat Mini Program, Shopee,, Magento, etc.

OMS Functionalities

  • Product Bundling

    Our inventory control allows you to create and manage bundle products with ease. Automate and centralize inventory levels of simple and bundle products across multiple channels & warehouses.

  • Automate Stock Levels
  • When a sale is made on one channel, our inventory management system will automatically adjust stock levels across all the integrated channels in daily to avoid more stock-outs and overselling.
  • Low Stock Alerts
  • Set threshold value and get notified when the stock has reached that value with our inventory control system to prevent overselling.
  • Advanced Inventory allocation
  • Available inventory is allocated and dedicated to each channel according to customized logic.Inventory movement is virtual, and it maximizes sell-through base on pre-set logic
  • Auto-sync of Sales Orders

    OMS will consolidate all sales orders coming from different channels, into a centralized system allowing you to easily manage, process and instantly fulfill your orders.

  • Returns & Exchanges Handling
    OMS will be in a systematic way to handle return or exchange order as much as possible, lightening the workload of CS and track them with ease.
  • Order Audit Configuration
  • OMS will require Base Order (BO) and Base Return (BR) to fulfill audit conditions. System screens for orders that fail audit conditions, then CS agent will be prompted to audit and approve/disapprove the order manually.
  • Advanced Order Allocation
  • OMS will allow brand to allocate the stock by warehouse priority setting. Stock allocation process can be configured based on the project requirement.
  • Customized Report
  • FOM will customize standard order reports according to the requirements of brand.
  • What the brand can acquire