Order Management System

FOM Order Management System(OMS) can provide platform to process orders, centralize inventory and generate business reports which amplifies organization performance.

  • Inventory Management
  • Product Bundling

    Our inventory control allows you to create and manage bundle products with ease. Automate and centralize inventory levels of simple and bundle products across multiple channels & warehouses.

  • Automate Stock Levels
    When a sale is made on one channel, our inventory management system will automatically adjust stock levels across all the integrated channels in daily to avoid more stock-outs and overselling.
  • Low Stock Alerts
    Set threshold value and get notified when the stock has reached that value with our inventory control system to prevent overselling.
  • Order Processing
  • Auto-sync of Sales Orders

    OMS will consolidate all sales orders coming from different channels, into a centralized system allowing you to easily manage, process and instantly fulfill your orders.

  • Returns & Exchanges Handling
    OMS will be in a systematic way to handle return or exchange order as much as possible, lightening the workload of CS and track them with ease.
  • Real-time Analytics Report
  • Customized Report
    FOM will customize standard order reports according to the requirements of brand. It will be more strategic for the brand to locate their position on China Marketplace.
  • What the brand can acquire
  • Monthly Sales & Forecast
  • Forecast inventory needs
  • Track order status
  • Identify loyal customers
  • Know your best-selling products
  • Measure product performance