The Process of Uploading Products

The requirements of product data on Tmall is different from other e-commerce stores or platforms. And need to process the following steps:

  • Need to use Tmall’s categorization and product attribute system
  • Limit on variation of size/color for each style
  • Requires 6-10 images for each product to make PDP commercially competitive
  • Specific photo required: e.g. hang tag, washing label, shoe-on-a-shoe-box photo
  • Captions is recommended on JPG/PNG image

Typically, the product upload process is manual because of these specific requirements and limitations requested by Tmall.

Building Product Management Excellence

Our purpose is to reduce the duplicated work and simiply the whole process, We developed a proprietary Product Upload Automation System for Tmall.

  • Thousands of products can be created and uploaded within minutes (otherwise, would take 45 minutes of manual work for each PDP with same quality).
  • Manage price change during promotions
  • Manage product lifecycle (publish, amend, take down)