• Smart Inventory Allocation

Our eOMS automatically allocates inventory across multiple marketplaces and e-stores using a single inventory to maximize sale-through while minimizing overselling. The smart logic is customizable to fit the specific needs of our clients.

  • 產品組合

Our inventory control allows you to create and manage bundle products with ease. Automate and centralize inventory levels of simple and bundle products across multiple channels warehouses.

  • 自動化庫存水平
When a sale is made on one channel, our inventory management system will automatically adjust stock levels across all the integrated channels in daily to avoid more stock-outs and overselling.
  • 低庫存警報
Set threshold value and get notified when the stock has reached that value with our inventory control system to prevent overselling.
  • 高級庫存分配
Available inventory is allocated and dedicated to each channel according to customized logic. Inventory movement is virtual, and it maximizes sell-through base on pre-set logic.




Our eOMS can be customized to generate transaction data sets to fit our client’s financial system for reconciliation purpose.




FOM will customize standard order reports according to the requirements of brand. Including: Monthly Sales & Forecast, Track order status, Identify loyal customers, Know your best-selling products, Measure product performance.