Marketing Strategy

We provides online marketing strategies to drive traffic, unique visitors and conversion to our customer’s Tmall store.  Regular review of Return of Investment of marketing initiatives enable our customers to optimize initiatives and maximize business results.

We will discuss with Client’s marketing team on their objectives (brand building; sales; etc.) and provide a proposal with comprehensive marketing campaigns and customized brand building solutions.

Marketing Services Channels

  • eCommerce Platform Advertising

We supports various eCommerce Platform paid marketing tools, such as Tmall including Diamond Showcase, Feature Store, Direct Train and Taobaoke. Other strong marketing innovation like holiday promotion banner and box set is also provided.

  • Brand Marketing Website

In order to develop brand exposure and build up brand awareness in China, We help brands to set up official website with expertness. It present key products and brand story to Chinese consumers but also emphasize the brand definition on China Marketplace.

  • Social Media (Weibo & Wechat)

Social networking is essential to Chinese consumers’ daily life. We focus on the most significant social media in China like Weibo and WeChat to launch marketing campaign. This includes setting up official accounts and mini-sites, marketing information update and activation of customer engagement.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We provides professional SEO services on content marketing among major search engines like Baidu and Google. Based on the strong understanding of brands and their targeted customers, product content and promotion information editing are optimized to suit Chinese search engines to improve visibility.